Seminar Distribution

Dear students,

On this website you can centrally apply for Bachelor and Master seminars at the HGI chairs and workgroups InfSec, SYMCRYPT, SYSSEC, MobSec, HCS, SECENG, and NDS. The central system offers the students an overview about all topics given out by all participating chairs. This allows for a comfortable choice of multiple prioritized topics of interest. At the end of the choosing period, the optimal assignment of topics is automatically calculated. This is done in a way so that as many participants as possible get a topic and additionally the seminars are filled preferably evenly.

The seminar covers, amongst others, the areas of

  • Current Topics in IT-Security (more information for Bachelor, Master).
  • Embedded Security (more information for Bachelor, Master).
  • Symmetric Cryptography (more information for Bachelor, Master).
  • Network and Data Security (more information for Bachelor, Master)
  • Mobile Security (more information for Master).
  • Human-Centred Security (more information for Master).

The level or qualification of the topics (Master or Bachelor) is indicated.
Some of the topics can also be worked on jointly by 2 undergraduate students.

The topic selection phase for the upcoming summer semester 2023 starts on 20 March 2023 at 10:00 AM and ends on 26 March 2023 at 16:00 PM. Topics will be assigned afterwards.

Additional Seminar Topics:

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